Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Lovely Life, A Lovely Farm

We spent the weekend with our good friends, Shawn and Kelly. They have the most beautiful farm. Kelly and I could talk for hours about shopping (primitive antiques are our favorite), decorating, cooking and our love for animals. They just adopted a bird dog and named her Babe. She stays in complete "puppy mode" and can hardly be slowed down to get a little lovin'.

Our baby, Jack, had a nasal polyp which was surgically removed from our local animal hospital last week. He was starting to sound like my neighbor's pug...not a good look on a little orange kitty! His regular vet had him on antibotics and antihistamines for months. After determining the drugs were not making a difference, I decided to see if I could locate another reason for his symptoms on the internet. We visited a different vet and I discussed my internet findings with her. She was completely receptive and did an incredible job locating the polyp. She referred us to the animal hospital to have it removed. The surgery was successful! However, Horner's Syndrome is one of the many complication from this type of surgery and it causes him to pull to the right. It creates dizziness, so he stumbles and cannot walk straight...he walks in circles. Also, he is not able to close his right eye. We were told his problems are temporary, but it is certainly tough to watch him struggle during his recovery period. Once he has completely recovered, I will be back to my studio...I really miss it!