Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camera Ham or Camera Hog?

It always happens, Lil poses or pops up in many of the pictures. When I was taking pictures of the Easter decorations, she appeared during the snap and it reminded me of all the other times she popped up or posed for other pictures. I decided to ask Wikipedia the difference between camera ham and camera hog. Here the official answer: a camera hog "steals the spotlight" from others, while a camera ham is a very over-enthusiastic model for the camera, loves the attention, and loves to be photographed. A camera ham doesn't mind sharing the spotlight. And to think I thought a camera ham was a camera hog that had been "cured". Please check out those cute little knees and thumb sucking!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

~Stinky's Self-portrait & The Jenny Award~

Our cat, Alley, a.k.a. STINKY, is the best subject for just about any artistic creation since she has so much character. Her tenacious personality keeps her ahead of the Cat Pack...all 9 of them! When she crawled inside my Puritan rug hooking frame, I decided to hook her. If this rug stays around for 100 years, one day someone might wonder who owned this little kitty. They will never know what a stinker she was!
Speaking of cats, I was thrilled to receive the "Jenny Award" from Jenny Carter at Alley Cat Resue. Her friend, Fran Caldwell, created it for her site. I am very honored to be recognized for all the time we spend caring for and rescuing stray cats. We found homes for 23 cats and 5 dogs over the last few years. I am currently trying to rescue two dogs which have been abandoned near where we live. I named them Snoopy & Woodstock. I took a picture of them in the field as they were heading to their place of shelter. They eat in one barn and sleep in another. It has been over a month now and they will not let us get near them. It is so sad when a dog absolutely fears you...I don't see that as much with dogs as I do with cats. It took 3 months before our dog would trust us. After several years, he still only comes to us. Wish me luck with this rescue!
On a positive note, I ordered an Easter Bunny from Laurie Hardin. She e-mailed me yesterday and said she is almost finished with it. I cannot wait for it to arrive. I will post a picture of it with my upcoming Easter decorations!

Friday, March 6, 2009

KSGP Blog Surprise & Going Green

It is time to rotate the decor to a green palette for St. Patrick's Day! Speaking of green, I was pleasantly and completely surprised to win the February blog contest from Kindred Sisters Gathering Post. My precious little doll was made by Kelly at MysticalEntities. Here is her site: http://mysticalentities.blogspot.com/
On her site is the sweetest picture of MacKenzie blindly pulling my name from a Valentine box. Here is the link to KGSP, so you can register for their March giveaway...it is a LUCKY month!!!