Saturday, September 25, 2010

~Lovin' Yellowware - aka " Martha" Bowls~

When I started my collection of yellowware bowls, molds, plates, etc., I just started learning how to rug hook. I thought a primitive hooked rug displaying a nesting set of yellowware bowls would be fun to create. Yes, it was fun, but it took many, many hours to finish. Going forward, I decided smaller rug projects were more satisfying since they only took a few months not an entire year.

Collecting art is also one of my passions. Kim Skeen painted the crow dough bowl and her mom, Janet McCarter, painted the spooky-eyed owl. The coverlet fabric covered stars are from Home Goods. I might try to cover some of my metal stars with old quilts or vintage french linen.

My very favorite find is the vintage metal heart with bells. I stubbled across a picture of these bells on Flickr and saved the image to my computer. After a year or so, I found the bells at a local thrift shop for $12!