Thursday, January 22, 2009

~Lil Lil Has My Heart~

It never fails when I finish any project, my cats want to make sure they put their stamp of approval on it. I made this little hooked heart as part of my Token of Love gift, but I ended up making something else instead. So, Lil Lil can have my heart...of course she already does.

As usual, I have several projects going at once. I finished my Token of Love gift which will be mailed tomorrow. When I received the name they sent me, I realized it was one of my blog followers which is such a nice surprise! Yesterday, I started Gritty Jane's doll class again (sounds like I failed the first time, but these workshops just keep me going). I am just amazed how fast some of my classmates can make a doll. I need to get is great motivation after you see some of their amazing work.
I just finished another hooked rug with row houses on one wintry night. I think this pattern is by Pris Butler (I hope that is correct). The rug seems to fit nicely next to the houses I painted for Christmas. I have enjoyed keeping the Christmas lights out a bit longer than usual. However, this weekend I am going to start decorating for Valentine's Day!
I was pleasantly and overly tagged this week. I am so appreciative of the thoughtfulness which I am planning to return. I will need the weekend to get caught up sending out blog awards and letting everyone know I received them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~Two Great Loves~

Since I am a huge fan of Hannah Davis bandboxes as well as Gritty Jane dolls, I decided to name my newest doll, Hannah Jane. I made her a small bandbox stuffed with a toile pin cushion to compliment her three Victorian nesting boxes. She looks so serious...not a hair out of place and certainly not anything like her creator!

Speaking of Jane, she is having another doll workshop which will start in January . I added a link to the workshop if you are interested in joining us. The workshop is being held on Ning, so you will need an account to take the class. Jane does a great job explaining all of this to make it very easy to participate. Here is the link:

I am so excited about finding out this week who I get to send my "Little Token of Love" for the Valentine's Day swap. I will post a picture of what I made as well as what I receive after the swap. If you would like to be part of the swap, you still have time to sign up.

I love hearing from everyone. Please leave me a post, so I can visit your site and follow your blog.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mr. Bright Eyes, My King of Hearts

One of our cats, Alvin, always has such a bright-eyed expression. He is so lively and fun. I call him, Mr. Bright Eyes or Handsome! I decided to paint a primitive, folky picture of him for Valentine's Day. As usual, I made three nesting boxes to match. If we ever move, I will have plenty of storage boxes to least for the small items!

Thank you to everyone who has visited and linked to my blog. I plan to visit each of your sites on a regular basis. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Sharon at PrimThyme for selecting my site for a blog award. Here is a link to her site:

I just posted another cat video to our Feline Films. It is amazing how much they can enjoy a little yellow & white mouse...I am calling it The Cat-and-Mouse Game!

The finishing touches are being added to my Gritty Jane doll, so I hope to post again this week with pictures of her.