Thursday, January 22, 2009

~Lil Lil Has My Heart~

It never fails when I finish any project, my cats want to make sure they put their stamp of approval on it. I made this little hooked heart as part of my Token of Love gift, but I ended up making something else instead. So, Lil Lil can have my heart...of course she already does.

As usual, I have several projects going at once. I finished my Token of Love gift which will be mailed tomorrow. When I received the name they sent me, I realized it was one of my blog followers which is such a nice surprise! Yesterday, I started Gritty Jane's doll class again (sounds like I failed the first time, but these workshops just keep me going). I am just amazed how fast some of my classmates can make a doll. I need to get is great motivation after you see some of their amazing work.
I just finished another hooked rug with row houses on one wintry night. I think this pattern is by Pris Butler (I hope that is correct). The rug seems to fit nicely next to the houses I painted for Christmas. I have enjoyed keeping the Christmas lights out a bit longer than usual. However, this weekend I am going to start decorating for Valentine's Day!
I was pleasantly and overly tagged this week. I am so appreciative of the thoughtfulness which I am planning to return. I will need the weekend to get caught up sending out blog awards and letting everyone know I received them.


Jenny said...

Love the hook rugs. I hope I can accomplish my first one. I have put it away for a while. I got frustrated. But, I am in such awe of how pretty they are that I will have to really work on it some more.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Tigers cats with peachy noses are my favorites! What a precious doll!!!!!! Awesome picture!

M ^..^

Cris said...

I couldn't help but notice what a beautiful cat Lil Lil is! Is she a regular tabby or some other exotic breed? That is so sweet how she is "holding your heart"! The hooked rug is very nice, and I love the "Gritty Jane" dolls.

pinkglitterfae said...

Aw what a sweet little kitty :-D
I started Jane's classes too for the first time, but haven't had the chance to do any of the work, and I'm afraid time may run out. I've seen so many beautiful dolls like yours, and I want to make my own.

The Old Oaken Bucket said...

Hey Cris! I think Lil Lil is just an exotic stray. I found her in a parking lot and she climbed my pant leg begging for food. She was so hungry and she has not lost that big appetite!

Melissa said...

Beautiful blog~I am trying to assemble a bunch of creative souls to come join me on facebook. You can find me under Adored Before. Come join the networking fun!

JenW!~ said...

Love the hooked rugs and your kitty to adorable holding your heart.

Rischa said...

Wow, you made that rug? So cool! It really does look great with the houses. And your kitty is precious all curled up with the heart. :-)


Rischa said...

It's me again. I forgot to thank you for the sweet comments @ my blog and answer your question. :-)

Yep, I plan to sell the dolls sometimes, but probably mostly paintings. Those dollies take me so long to finish. Maybe because I let them air dry instead of cooking. I don't like what cooking does to them. Or maybe I'm just slow and need more practice. lol How long does it take you to finish one?

Thanks again!


Cookie said...

oh, Your sweet Lil Lil reminds me so of my Strider - we brought her home from the Denver Dumb Friends league and we always felt like she knew we saved her from being pts. She was in our hearts for over 14 years - that was 10 yrs ago, and our hearts are still broken.
What a sweet photo ♥