Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Winner Is...America Alcala!

I just went to America Alcala's blogspot to let her know she won my blog giveaway. Today she posted a giveaway on her blogspot. Here is a link to site:
I am a firm believer that you get back what you give. I was recently at Lowe's and gave the lady in the checkout line behind me an extra coupon I had. The next day at Hobby Lobby I had a woman ask if I would like her buggy when she was leaving the store and then she returned to give me two coupons.

I hope you enjoy the video. Lil brings such joy to our lives. She is so full of personality and sweetness. I knew she would do a great job selecting the winner. Jack wanted to help, but she let him know she had it handled!

1 comment:

America Alcala said...

OH WOW...I won! Thank you Kristin and Lil! :)