Saturday, November 8, 2008

November Morning!

I started the Cloth & Clay Doll Workshop taught by Jane DesRosier last weekend. I am posting a few pictures of my progress. These pictures show the muslin body, arms and legs painted with Gesso. My next step will be to sculpt the face. I will post more pictures as I progess.

We have enjoyed one of the most beautiful Falls in Tennessee. I posted a few pictures of the leaves at their peak on our farm at the bottom of the blog.

November Morning
by Evaleen Stein
A tingling, misty marvel Blew hither in the night, And now the little peach-trees Are clasped in frozen light.
Upon the apple-branches An icy film is caught, With trailing threads of gossamer In pearly patterns wrought.
The autumn sun, in wonder, Is gayly peering through This silver-tissued network Across the frosty blue.
The weather-vane is fire-tipped, The honeysuckle shows A dazzling icy splendor, And crystal is the rose.
Around the eaves are fringes Of icicles that seem To mock the summer rainbows With many-colored gleam.
Along the walk, the pebbles Are each a precious stone; The grass is tasseled hoarfrost, The clover jewel-sown.
Such sparkle, sparkle, sparkle Fills all the frosty air, Oh, can it be that darkness Is ever anywhere!


Deirdra Doan said...

Is your doll finished yet! I am in the class too.
Beautiful fall photo's. Your cat doll is so cute.

davisstudio said...

Hey Kristi! I was so glad to see you the other day!! We have to get together more often.
I finally updated my blogspot, so here it is:

davisstudio said...


I was so dumb with blogging that I left a comment to you on my blogpage. Duh. Anyhow, I'm glad to see your finished dolls. I still like the cat one best. I showed them to a friend of mine and they inspired her to take the class. Let's do lunch again soon!