Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ten Cats & A Dog, Max!

When the kittens came along, the big kitties felt a bit left out. The kittens are in the videos, the kittens are playing the games, the kittens are getting the "extra" treats...I know the big kitties think they get all the attention. It was hard to believe we found the kittens only two weeks apart and they are so close in age. We had Jack before Lil Lil. I always say he wished for her. They could not love each other more. Since the big kitties like lots of attention as well, I thought I would introduce the order they came to bless our lives. This post is for those who follow my blog and have asked to see pictures of them.

From Bottom to Top

Cat 1: Rudy has been with me for 13 years. He first appeared outside my door when I was painting my bedroom. His eyes were shut tight and he was so skinny that I thought he was really sick. It turned out he just has terrible allergies!

Cat 2: We found Alley in a restaurant parking lot next to a busy, busy street. I thought she was running past us when we walked outside the restaurant, but she ended up landing at my feet. She is our Alpha cat and lets all 9 cats know it each day, so we nicknamed her "Stinky". She looked so much like Rudy when we found her that we got them mixed up for weeks. However, she ended up getting bigger than him and we soon discovered she was pregnant. She had 5 beautiful kittens and we found great homes for all of them.

Cat 3: Bonnie strolled over to us when we were walking at a track. She is declawed and has an extra digit like the Hemingway cats. Once home, we realized she was pregnant. Bonnie had 4 kittens and once again we found great homes for all of them.

Cat 4: Minnie was probably living on our farm before we were. Occasionally, we would see her outside and I would affectionately call her Minnie Mouse since she dashed by like a little gray mouse. After a few months, we were finally able to start feeding her. Then, one day she came over with 5 kittens. Oh no, not another one with kittens! Once again, we found homes for 4 of her 5 kittens. Minnie is the most grateful cat we have. She brings calm to the group and I now call her "Mother" Minnie.

Cat 5: Maggie is Minnie's daughter. She is a beautiful Calico cat. Maggie stayed with us since she has such a timid nature. After 4 years very little has changed. I am the only one who can get close to her. She is so loveable, but so scared of just about everything.

Cat 6: Alvin just appeared one day on the farm. He is a big tabby "Tom Cat", a true gentle giant. I nicknamed him "Fatty" because he looks so much like Miranda's cat on Sex and the City.

Cat 7: We went to an estate sale and ended up with Summer. Her owner had recently died from cancer and the family was trying to find her a home. We left the estate sale with Summer, a pet carrier and a rabbit painting. I will post a picture of the rabbit painting on my Easter post. Thanks to the internet, I was able to locate the artist who had been featured on HGTV. I have since become friends with her and her family. We also learned so much about Summer through them and have met so many wonderful friends.

Cat 8: It was a warm rainy Thanksgiving Day and I had the door open while I was cooking. The smell of Turkey must have been too much to pass up. Molly was outside the door crying to come in and eat. She was so skinny and completely soaking wet. After 3 pregnant female cats, I was not ready for another one. We were so blessed she was not pregnant! I love the way she can rest completely flat on her belly...just adorable!

Cat 9: One trip to the Lumber yard and we came home with a little orange kitten. We named him Jack for Lumber Jack. However, I am a huge fan of Jack Nicholson and our Jack just loves the ladies like him. Although, his true love is Lil.

Cat 10: Lil is Jack's wish for a soulmate. We found Lil just weeks after we found Jack. She was stranded in a parking lot and she climbed my pant leg begging for food. I thought she would never stop eating when we brought her home. She is the most playful cat we have and I know she loves Jack as much as he loves her!

Our one and only Dog: Our little white American Eskimo is Max and we found him in our barn. He is the watch dog for all our farm cats. He alerts them of anything new and scary. More importantly, he is my husband's best friend.


Anonymous said...

Well rudy and jack look like my cats.Except my cat has no ornage on him as rudy does.He is my youngest just a year old.But the one that looks like jack is 10.I love the dog,I have a thing about white dogs,I have a westie named eli and a border Collie named Murphy.thanks for sharing loved the pics.Have a great day!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

How do you do it?!! I have 3 and they keep my two hands busy!

Thanks for sharing, they are all beautiful!

bonnesinger said...

Hey, how's it goin? Yesterday I tried to open my Cloth and Clay dolls and it wouldn't let me enter....always something. I guess I'll have to contact Jane and see what's up. I also allerted ning that I couldn't get into cloth and clay dolls sooooo we'll see. Hows the class going?

Anonymous said...

Awwe, I love the pictures!

Christine LeFever said...

Meow! I love your family! Baby kitties it what I call all felines.

I am adding you to my blog roll of wonderful places to visit. This is a delightful place!


snippetgirl said...

Hello there!
I just noticed that you follow several of the blogs that i do...great minds think alike :). Then, i saw that you had 10 cats and i really had to meet you!! I am the biggest kitty lover around and found all 6 of mine in various bad situations and have fostered a gazillion more. I loved reading about yours and seeing those adorable pics. Thanks for giving them such a wonderful home!!
Many purrs and woofs,
Carrie the SnipPet Girl

snippetgirl said...

Yes, we definitely need to keep in touch! I know that i am going to enjoy reading your blog.
Many chin scratches and head pats to all :).

Heather said...

what pretty kitties!

Jenny said...

OH MY. I am so happy we have you! When I get my farm, I am sure i will have many more kitties. 3 is my max right now, hubby cannot handle more than that in the city! Although, I have about 10, I feed in the alley and on my porch, but they are afraid of humans.

They are all so beautifuL!!!

Magdalena said...

Hi, I can imagine, you are the next poor man killed by animals! I understand you, I've got two cats and one dog, and I love your blog! :-) Cheers from Poland! :-)

Autumn Rose Crafts said...

Thanks for sharing these pics, just beautiful cats! Sarah x

Jenny said...

A blog award has been created in my name. I have passed it on to you. There are no rules, but it is a very special award, so come take a look at

Blessings to you!


Cookie said...

I loved "meeting" all of your sweet cats and Max too!

bless your heart for giving them a place to call home ♥

Renee said...

You have a wonderful furry family. xoxoxo

Melanie said...

you are so lucky to be able to have all of your friends live with you. Our council only lets us have 2 cats and 2 dogs and cats are considered pests in Australia so they arnt allowed outside. It was lovely meeting your friends.